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    dbWatch: database operations redefined

    Managing databases used to be about micro-managing a small number of powerful database servers, with DBA’s concentrating on performance optimizations to squeeze the last drop of power out of those systems, like hand-building a single car to win a race. Now you have hundreds - or even thousands - of servers instead of a handful of machines, often in the cloud or outsourced to hosters, and you’re running multiple database engines across a variety of platforms. And as the complexity increases, so d...  Read More...

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    Webinar: Reducing cost of database operations

    The number of Oracle and Microsoft  database servers is growing rapidly, and the cost of operations and licenses are skyrocketing. In this 30 min webinar we will look at two ways to control and contain cost of operating Oracle and SQLServer: Control your license cost - Rightsizing database licenses. Consolidating servers - How to pick candidates for consolidation. In the webinar we will show you how to identify areas where you can reduce cost and how to apply that insigh...  Read More...

  • Improving database operations - ITIL and continuous improvement.

    Today, ITIL and ITSM are core concepts in IT operations. They define processes that provide predictable functionality, cost and quality in IT services. One of the central concepts in IT is “continuous improvement”, meaning the constant drive to improve every aspect of IT service delivery.At the core of enterprise IT, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Servers and others is handling essential functions such as ERP, CRM, E-Commerce and logistics.   Read More...