Why dbWatch?

  Fast deployement

   Provides total management functionality and multi-platform support

   Monitor, manage, analyse, optimise resources

   Automate processes and tasks

   Reduce complexity and tool requirements

The complete database administration solution

Managing databases is more than just monitoring. It’s about performance, availability, licensing, resource optimisation, reporting, planning, security – and of course monitoring status and uptime. dbWatch is the premier integrated solution for managing all aspects of database operations.

Global optimisations and management
Multi-platform. dbWatch supports Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, Sybase and MySQL, including advanced options like RAC and Data Guard. So you can manage all your servers in single unified solution. No need for multiple tools for separate platforms anymore
Gap analysis

Manageability. dbWatch gives you all the tools you need to fully manage your databases. Proactive monitoring, management and maintenance, performance analysis, troubleshooting, advanced analytics, consolidate and optimize server usage, license analysis and optimization, security – it´s all there. With dbWatch you are in control, have a complete overview of all aspects of your databases and can manage risk and resource usage.

Scalability. dbWatch can monitor thousands of instances in a single solution, thanks to our unique distributed architecture.

Cloud, hosted or local. dbWatch can manage servers located anywhere. Locally, outsourced, cloud based, limited bandwidth and connectivity such as ships or remote mining sites, behind firewalls – almost anything will work with dbWatch.

License control for Oracle and MS SQLServer. Never get caught in a license audit again - get full and detailed reports on actual licensing and features used. For MS SQLServer and Oracle, make sure you have the optimal licensing level and are not paying for Enterprise features and options you do not need.

It’s all about manageability and control

You are responsible for the most critical data in the enterprise, so get the best tools to ensure you can manage it in a secure, professional way, minimizing risk and optimizing resource usage.

Don’t just take our word for it, try it out yourself. Contact us for a free license today.

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