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Managing databases means more than just monitoring. It's about performance, availability, licensing, optimising resources, reporting, planning, security and – of course – status and uptime monitoring. dbWatch integrates all aspects of database management into one package.

Multi-platform, agent-less support. No need for multiple tools for separate platforms. dbWatch supports all versions of Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgres, Sybase and MySQL, including advanced options like RAC and Data Guard. Manage all of your servers in a single solution.

Scalability. Whether you have tens, hundreds or even thousands of instances, dbWatch will deliver. Its unique, scalable architecture offers a complete platform for customisation and extension. With fast deployment and a small resource footprint, it all adds up to the most flexible database manager on the market.

Cloud, hosted or local. dbWatch will manage your servers whether they are local, outsourced, cloud-based, behind firewalls or at sites with limited bandwidth and connectivity (such as ships and remote mining sites). Whatever the location, dbWatch delivers reliable, efficient database monitoring and management.

Manageability. dbWatch gives you all the tools you need. Proactive monitoring, management and maintenance automation, performance analysis, troubleshooting, advanced analytics, consolidate and optimise server usage, licence analysis and optimisation, security – it's all there. Keep an eye on risks and resource usage, and oversee all aspects of your databases.

Licence control for Oracle and MS SQLServer. Never get caught in a licence audit again – get full and detailed reports on the features and licences that you actually use. dbWatch helps find your optimal licensing level so you can avoid paying for enterprise options you might not need.

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    Want to lower the cost of your database operations? You might start by consolidating database servers and loads, reducing the number of servers or standardising software. Even if you’ve settled on a single database engine like Oracle, it’s common to have multiple different versions in use; out of all the organizations using dbWatch, only one managed to converge on a single version of Oracle.   Read More

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    dbWatch: database operations redefined

    Managing databases used to be about micro-managing a small number of powerful database servers, with DBA’s concentrating on performance optimizations to squeeze the last drop of power out of those systems, like hand-building a single car to win a race. Now you have hundreds - or even thousands - of servers instead of a handful of machines, often in the cloud or outsourced to hosters, and you’re running multiple database engines across a variety of platforms. And as the complexity increases, so d...  Read More

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    Webinar: Reducing cost of database operations

    The number of Oracle and Microsoft  database servers is growing rapidly, and the cost of operations and licenses are skyrocketing. In this 30 min webinar we will look at two ways to control and contain cost of operating Oracle and SQLServer: Control your license cost - Rightsizing database licenses. Consolidating servers - How to pick candidates for consolidation. In the webinar we will show you how to identify areas where you can reduce cost and how to apply that insigh...  Read More

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    Azure database performance measured

    Considering migrating your databases to Azure? A new report by our CTO Marek Jablonski has revealed some very surprising facts about the performance you can expect from an Azure database.It turns out that all is not well in the cloud.One of the big advantages of using an Azure database is that you can put it in different geographical locations. This allows you to serve your customers in Asia using a database physically located in Asia, and your customers in Europe with a database located in Euro...  Read More

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It's About Control

Passive monitoring of your database servers simply isn't good enough today. You need to actively take charge to manage and control your servers. You are responsible for the most critical data in your organisation, and with dbWatch in your software toolkit, you can manage it in a more secure, professional way. It minimises the risks to your system's stability while automating routine tasks to save you time.

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